Paraffinic Oils

Paraffinic Oils are refined using either a solvent extraction method or through a hydrocracking process. Solvent extracted paraffinic oils are normally 90-95 VI oils that have high flash points, good color stability, low volatility, and a saturate level of 75-93. Hydrocracked paraffinic oils have a slightly higher flash than solvent extracted oils, clear in color, slightly lower volatility, and a saturate level of 98-99. These oils are particularly good in applications needing low color with stability or in high heat environments.

Naphthenic Oils

Naphthenic Oils have a wide variety of applications where they are used as process oils. Naphthenic oils are refined in a wide range of viscosity, flash, solvency, and color. Process Oils Inc. has multiple sources of naphthenic oils that allow us to provide the proper oil for the application.

Aromatic Oils

Process Oils Inc. works with conventional aromatic oil producers in the marketing and development of their aromatic oils.
Aromatic Oils are derived from the extraction of aromatics in paraffinic oil production. Aromatic oils are dark in color, have relatively high flash points, low aniline points, and high aromatic content. Aromatic oils are normally used where a degree of solvency is desired for a softening, or plasticizing effect.

Unlabeled Aromatic Alternatives

Process Oils Inc. works with Ergon in marketing their aromatic alternative, the Hyprene Black Oils. The Black Oils meet all PAH requirements set forth by the European Union and are currently being used extensively as replacements for high PAH extracts.
The decision to develop this oil was influenced by tire producers and their desire to see an unlabeled aromatic oil alternative available in the United States. There has been strong interest in this oil by producers and synthetic rubber plants, particularly those interested in production for global markets.

Veg & Bio Oils

Process Oils Inc. works with several companies to provide Renewable Vegetable and Bio Oils to our customer base.
While the chemistry of these oils are significantly different from petroleum based oils they have proven to perform well in a number of process oil and base oil applications.
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